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 Professor Safa Shehab

 Professor of Neuroscience

Professor Safa Shehab obtained his medical degree from Basrah Medical College, Iraq and in 1986, and his PhD from Sheffield University, UK. He served in several Universities in the UK including UMIST, Sheffield, Glasgow and Aberdeen, before he joined the UAE University in 1999.  Professor Shehab's specialities are Epilepsey and Pain. He also studies the organization of the neuronal circuitry of the spinal cord. His findings are pusblished in the most prestigious referred academic journals. He presented at international conferences of Neuroscience, epilepsey, and pain. He collaborates with Dyslexia for Educational Consultation on the neuoral mechanisms underlying dyslexia and related learning difficulties.


Professor Milos Ljubisavljevic

Professor of Physiology

Research Interests:

Brain plasticity in health and disease
Muscle fatigue – central neural mechanisms
Motor control, motor behavior & movement disorders
Muscle pain – central neural mechanisms
Neural coding in somatosensory systems

Dr. Abdurrahman Almekhlafi

Associate Professor of Educational Technology 

Dr Almekhlafi has an MA and Ph.D. degrees from Arizona State University, USA. He has more than 13 years of teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  He has published a number of research articles in international refereed journals such as the International Journal for Research in Education (IJRE), International Journal of Instructional Media, Educational Technology & Society, and Journal of Interactive Learning Research. He is heavily involved in training k-12 school teachers on ways of  integrating technology in teaching; and he is a member of the College of Education Accreditation Process at UAE University.  He is a specialist in the development of course syllabi/curricula.   He collaborates with Dyslexia for Educational Consultation on isues relating to the teaching of students with dyslexia and related learning difficulties.

Mrs. Hayat Naji
MA in Education Specialist Therapist

Dr. Mahmoud Al Falahi
Specialist Physiotherapist Baghadad clinic


Mr...... : Business Manager

Miss Hind Bakal: Adminstrative Manager


Volunteer Assistants: 
> Medical student: Marwa Abdulwahab Abdulla AlAwadhi

> Medical student: Marwa Abdulla Salem AlKatheeri

> Medical student: Maryam Abdulla Ahmad AlAghbari

> Medical student: Sara Ali Saeed Al Hadrami
> Medical student: Aysha Khalid Ibrahim Al Marzouqi